Forty is the new thirty as new Skye road markings baffle islanders

So close yet miles apart: The new markings on the Dunvegan Road in Portree have led to much confusion and amusement among local residents.

Skye residents and island visitors travelling on the A87 through Portree have been left scratching their heads this week due to the emergence of new road markings depicting two different speed limits.

The bemusing markings on the Dunvegan Road, adjacent to Howdens, shows a 40 mile per hour limit for motorists driving north, parallel to a 30mph limit for motorists travelling south.

It was highlighted on Wednesday (26th May) on social media by local driving instructor Johnny Campbell, who posted “Is this correct?” on his Facebook page.

The quizzical post by Mr Campbell, who has close to 30 years experience as a driving instructor, in which time he has taught an number of learners equivalent to half of the island’s current population to drive, has prompted more than 120 comments, with reactions ranging from amusement to incredulity.

Dani Anslow quipped: “It says 30 in one direction and 40 in the other. Hilariously Skye.”

While Annice MacLeod posted: “Please tell me someone is good at photo-editing. You could not make this up!”

Meanwhile, Lynsey Baillie, who witnessed the act, said: “They just finished painting it when I walked passed. I did a double take as thought I’d seen wrong. That’s a nightmare junction for school as it is. Surely it’s a mistake. What does it say just at the sorting office, 60 & 40?”

More to follow…

Article by Adam Gordon, image by Willie Urquhart.