Kyle woman’s petition targets potholes


A learner driver from Kyle has launched a petition calling for road repairs after a scare when she encountered a car being driven in the middle of the street.

Iona MacLachlan says people are being forced to drive in the opposite carriageway in Kyle’s Main Street to avoid huge potholes and believes a bad accident is waiting to happen.

Ms MacLachlan, of Heathmount, is asking people to sign her petition on the online petitions platform, urging Highland Council to improve the roads in the busy village.

The health and social care frontline worker said: “I’ve raised this petition because of an experience I had at the weekend as an L-driver.

“I was driving down to the village and I was confronted with this car in the middle of the road. I nearly hit it. I understand why the car was there – the driver was trying to avoid the massive potholes all along the street. I was able to avoid the vehicle but it gave me a scare and this situation could easily result in a bad accident.”

Ms MacLachlan has reported the potholes in the road to Highland Council on multiple occasions.

She said: “All you get is for the potholes to be filled with gravel and with the bad weather we’ve had over the past few months that lasts only two or three days and then they’re as bad as ever. The road needs to be properly repaired.

“I’ve had to replace coil springs and tyres on my car because of the state of the roads in Kyle and I’m fed up with it. I hope as many people as possible will sign the petition to send a strong message to the council.”

Ms MacLachlan’s petition is on the site and calls for “All B roads in Kyle of Lochalsh to be repaired”.

Local Highland councillor Biz Campbell said she was aware of the petition and agreed the road was in a poor state.


“I don’t blame people,” said Councillor Campbell. “The roads are horrendous. We fight for funds for roads all the time and make the case when the budget comes up, but council doesn’t have the money.”

However, she said councillors in Ward 5 — Wester Ross, Strathpeffer and Lochalsh — had been allocated an extra £100,000 for local projects and members had discussed buying a “hot box” tar machine.

She explained: “Currently the potholes in this ward are filled with cold tar and it’s a complete waste of money because the tar is simply washed out and the repair doesn’t last.

“This machine would allow hot tar repairs to be made to potholes and it would last longer. We have discussed it at a meeting and I think this could achieve better road repairs which would help road users at least in the short term.”

Sign the petition here