Kyle community fridge to cut food waste

Annie Chalmers stocking up the community fridge
Photo: Willie Urquhart/WHFP

The Kyle and Lochalsh community fridge and food-share project opened last week in the Church of Scotland hall in Kyle.

The hall on Church Road now contains fridges and freezers full of goods sourced from the local Co-op which would have otherwise gone to waste. Non-perishable items are also available for anyone to take away, free of charge.

Annie Chalmers, food co-ordinator with Kyle and Lochalsh Community Trust, thanked the church hall committee, particularly Dr John Adamson.
She added: “We can accept food donations from anyone as long as they are packaged and in-date. We cannot accept cooked food unless it is from a registered business with a pass from the environmental health.”

Annie Chalmers, the food co-ordinator for the Kyle and Lochalsh community fridge, takes another delivery for their facility at the Church of Scotland hall in Kyle
Photo: Willie Urqhuart/WH

The community fridge project is part of the Hubbub Foundation’s UK-wide initiative to cut food waste and was financed using money from the Supporting Communities Fund which sprung up in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

The opening hours are between 9am and 11am Monday to Saturday.