Skye sea salt mixes well with butter

Chris and Meena Watts are proud to help with Skye’s ‘brand’ recognition
Photo: Willie Urquhart WHFP

Family dairy firm Graham’s this week announced the launch of a new artisan butter thanks to a partnership with the Isle of Skye Sea Salt Co.

The two family businesses have come together to develop a butter made with milk from Graham’s 100 Scottish farmers and mixed with top quality, natural, unrefined sea salt from Skye.

Director Jean Graham said: “Many years ago, Grandma Isabella Graham used to spend hours in the kitchen making the naturally fresh Scottish milk into rich, creamy butter. The butter was churned for just the right length of time to give a taste and flavour no other butter could match. We use the same recipe today with natural, unrefined Isle of Skye sea salt for an extra special taste experience. Ideal for cooking or spreading on a freshly baked loaf of bread.”

Chris and Meena Watts “Our pure eco-friendly sea salt resonates so well
with the natural beauty of Skye as a brand”
Photo: Willie Urquhart WHFP

Chris and Meena Watts, directors of the Dunvegan-based Isle of Skye Sea Salt Co, said: “We are thrilled to work with the Graham’s family and Scotland’s number one Scottish food brand to produce Graham’s Scottish Butter with Isle of Skye Sea Salt. Our pure eco-friendly sea salt resonates so well with the natural beauty of Skye as a brand.

“Our many awards reinforce the fact that adopting an eco-friendly ethos across all our activities – from loch to larder – has allowed us to produce a top-quality Scottish product loved by chefs and food lovers across the country. We are very excited that Graham’s latest butter now includes our sea salt. We are proud to be part of the Scottish food and drink industry and feel that Grandma Isabella would approve of this match.

“We have always promoted the Isle of Skye ‘brand’ and recognise how important this is for all the small businesses here who work so hard, especially in these challenging times, to keep things together. So, we are particularly pleased that Graham’s Isle of Skye sea salt butter will transport our ‘brand’ throughout Scotland. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way.”

Graham’s Isle of Skye Sea Salt Butter is now available in Spar shops across Scotland, and will be in Tesco stores from 26th October, with the aim of rolling the product out across the rest of the UK.