Portree toilets vandalism an “utter disgrace,” says local councillor

The scene inside the ladies at the Portree public toilets after vandals had trashed the amenity.

A Highland Councillor has called the recent vandalisation of the public toilets in Portree an utter disgrace.

The council told the Free Press that the police have been informed of the incident which is believed to have taken place over the weekend.

The Highland Council said that the mess had been caused by one or a number of people throwing extremely large amounts of wet paper at the inside window and mirrors in the ladies section of the toilets, while there was evidence of people smoking and attempts to block sinks with rubbish also strewn about the toilet.

The toilets which are open 24 hours a day are located in the centre of the village and used by a large number of visitors to the island as well as locals.

A council spokesman said: “The incident of vandalism has been reported to the police so we urge anyone with any information to contact them.

“It is very disappointing that such vandalism has taken place as not only do members of the public living locally and visitors to Portree rely on being able to use the toilets but ultimately the costs of making the repairs mean resources are diverted from other work.”

Skye and Raasay councillor John Gordon said: “This is an utter disgrace and those responsible should not get away with this behaviour, it’s very disappointing.

“We appreciate the work the cleaners do and the last thing they should expect is the toilets in this state.”

Photos courtesy of the Highland Council.