Skye pupils rally to help Australian fire victims

Some of the pupils join in with Broadford firefighters and Lauren Glasgow, who walked to Kyle as part of the fundraising

Fundraising efforts by the pupils and staff at Broadford Primary School on Skye have brought in around £1,200, which they have pledged towards those affected by the devasting recent bush fires in Australia.

Members of the local fire crew recently rallied to help the youngsters who staged a sponsored relay race, donning firefighters’ helmets, jackets and gloves.

On the same day (Friday 17th January) one of the school’s pupil support assistants, Lauren Glasgow, set off on a sponsored walk to her home in Kyle, wearing the customary Australian summer clothing of shorts and flip-flops.

Lauren, who is originally from Australia, has so far raised £610 for the charity WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service) which has worked to rescue and protect wildlife affected by the bushfires.

Joanne Anderson, a pupil support assistant at Broadford Primary School, has knitted pouches and blankets to aid relief for Australian wildlife.

Broadford Primary headmaster Stephen Atkins said the estimated £600 raised by the relay would be sent to Broadford Primary School in Victoria, one of the many areas affected by the wildfires.

He added that a donation would also be sent to a local family who had their home in Black Park in Broadford burned down by fire earlier this month.

Nursery children prepared for a soaking

Mr Atkins said: “It is great to see the whole school community come together along with the local fire service for such a good cause. As well as the important aspect of the event, raising money to support those in Australia with the difficulties they are experiencing, it is also very pleasing to have caring and selfless pupils and staff showing empathy towards others.

“The fact that we might focus on such big worldwide issues but still come up with ideas for what we can do in our own community is a powerful learning experience for the children.”

Head teacher Stephen Atkins joins in the fun

He added: “Thank you to Broadford fire service for giving up their time. We are sending the school fundraising money over to Broadford Primary  School in Victoria, Australia.

“We will be linking up with them closely so we can see the difference our fundraising makes and hopefully we will be able to make use of this link for future learning between schools.”

Photos by Willie Urquhart.