Skye Mountain Rescue Team overcome traffic congestion to attend to Old Man of Storr call-out

The Skye Mountain Rescue Team attended to a visitor who had sustained a broken ankle while visiting the Old Man of Storr on Tuesday. All images courtesy of the Skye MRT.

The Skye Mountain Rescue Team found themselves hampered by a high volume of traffic on Tuesday as they responded to a call-out at the Old Man of Storr.

In a post published on its official Facebook page, the Skye MRT stated: “Call-out at the Storr this afternoon for the team. The most difficult part was getting parked safely.”

Describing Tuesday’s events, Skye MRT leader Neil Urquhart told the Free Press: “We received a call-out to attend to a tourist with a broken ankle at the Storr. It was incredibly busy there and the problem is that on-site they are making a new car park and that was the space that was reserved for us before, so we are having to find space on the roadside.

“Once the work is finished there will hopefully be a few reserved spaces coned off as they do at the Fairy Pools and then the problem will be sorted.

“It was incredibly busy, though, there were cars parked at the side of the road all the way southwards towards the Storr Lochs – I have never seen it that like before. People were using the alternative rough path up beside the forest – the numbers were just incredible.”

The Skye MRT struggled to get parked due to the high volume of traffic in the area.
Skye MRT Leader Neil Urquhart said that the line of vehicles (as seen in the background) stretched south all the way from the Old Man of Storr to the Storr Lochs.

Mr Urquhart said that the team had responded to six calls in the last week and were likely to exceed their record number of call-outs for the year.

“I think four years ago we had 53 call-outs and I am pretty sure we will pass that with a few months left.” He said.

Article by Adam Gordon