Police crackdown on driver behaviour near schools

Police in the Highlands will be focusing their efforts on speeding around schools with a dedicated operation either side of the Easter holidays.

Road safety is a priority locally for Police Scotland and concerns are regularly raised by communities about driver behaviour near schools.

Officers will be carrying out enforcement activity around schools aiming at deterring speeding and taking action against anyone found to be breaking the speed limit. The operation will run from Monday 26th March until Wednesday 28th — and again between Monday 16th April and Friday 20th April.

Sergeant Gregor Hay said: “Driving irresponsibly near schools risks the lives of children among many others and will not be tolerated.

“Children going to and from school are not always highly visible so I am urging motorists to please take a little extra care. Reduced speed limits around schools are there for a reason and drivers should pay particular attention in these areas.”

Figures recently released by Police Scotland and the Scottish Government show that 96 per cent of collisions involving pedestrians happen in built-up areas, with most occurring between 4pm and 6pm on weekdays.

Sergeant Hay added: “Our warning about speed doesn’t just apply near schools — all pedestrians and cyclists are potentially vulnerable on the roads, and we would urge people: while in town, slow down.

“For those who continue to ignore these warnings, our message is simple. We will be watching and we will catch you.”