Skye businessman takes the initiative with clean-up campaign


A local businessman in Skye has started a proactive campaign called “I Love Skye’ in order to clean up parts of the island that have been neglected.

Matt Harrison runs his own business A.C.E Target Sports in Portree and lives in Broadford having moved from Sleat three years ago. During his journey to and from work each day over that period, he has noticed a rapid growth in the amount rubbish left in lay-bys as a result of fly-tipping and littering.

“For me, I think tourism in Scotland is changing.” Said Matt, “and there are an awful lot of people who seen Skye lay-by to lay-by – they don’t go up a mountain to see how pristine it is. It is pristine and beautiful up there, but many people see Scotland from their camera and the lay-by.”

Matt Harrison at the clean-up site – Photo – Dan Barratt.

Matt recently completed his first project – a clean-up of a lay-by at Skinadin, north of Broadford. “We got the lay-by cleaned, which was the main priority.” he said. “There were 10 of us who went out,  even the volunteers were shocked about what was down the bank. After two-and-a half to three hours,  we had filled up two trailers and two vans full from the site – and that was only scratching the surface.”

“The mess that was down that bank was not just from the travellers. We took a log of what we collected and it was not the kind of stuff you would associate with people living in a caravan – such as a sofa.”

Mr. Harrison said he does not want blame to the council for the current situation: “I don’t want to council-bash, as I know, – because they emailed me about it – that there just isn’t the time, money, or resources to get things done, as it would cost thousands.”

With part two of the Skinadin clean-up due to take place on Friday 24th February, Matt is appealing  via his Facebook page – “I Love Skye.” – for at least 15 volunteers to join him.

“We have had a really positive response,”  he said ” We’re just trying to take some positive action.”

If you fancy joining Matt to get your hands dirty and make a difference. Visit for more information.