Abriachan team visit Broadford to help develop ‘forest school’ plans

Despite the snow, a team of adults and children from Abriachan Forest Trust near Inverness visited Skye to help the Broadford and Strath Community Company host ‘forest school’ events last weekend.

Photo: Graham Wilson

The Broadford and Strath Community Company aims to have their own forest school and are currently seeking opinions on what this would include.

On Friday night Abriachan members told those who braved the snow how they had started up and developed over the years, while the children who came along were entertained with various activities.

On Saturday there were even more activities at the Grower’s Hub and Broadford Community Allotments. The Abriachan team set up lots of different stations with children and adults enjoying learning how to light fires to make hot chocolate and bread buns, den-making, broom-making (and flying) and painting mandalas in the snow. All with an interest are urged to fill in a short survey on the potential of the forest school which can be found on the Broadford and Strath Community Company Facebook page and website.

The inspiration for the idea came five years ago, when the pupils of Broadford Primary School said they would like to use the local community woodland to build dens, watch animals, put up bird houses and collect pine cones.

In November plans to create a new forest school at the community woodland in Broadford were boosted thanks to a grant of £32,500 to explore the options for the outdoor learning and activities scheme.

The project is funded through the Scottish Government’s Aspiring Communities Fund with support from the European Social Fund.