New venture launches hot smoked salmon on Skye

Hot smoked salmon is now being produced on Skye, thanks to a new venture just outside Broadford.

John Corfield has launched the Isle of Skye Smokehouse in Ard Dorch.

The 39 year-old previously worked as a chef in London, including spells working in the kitchen at the Ritz Hotel and at Gordon Ramsay’s. However, following a career in the IT industry, his passion for food was only reignited after he relocated to Skye, where he and his wife now run a B&B.

John explains: “With the B&B I started cooking again for breakfast. Even though it was just breakfast my passion for food was relit.

“After a while I thought I would have a go at smoking so I bought a small brinkman smoker and spent the next couple of years practising in all weathers. Living on Skye tied in well with my hobbies scuba diving and fishing. I also tried smoking mackerel and scallops.

“Eventually I thought my hot smoked salmon product was better than the shop bought so I wanted to see if there was any other smokehouse on Skye. Nobody was smoking commercially anymore – which seemed criminal for such a ‘foodie’ Island.”

John says he modelled his smokehouse on a St Kildan ‘cleit’, with stone walls and peat roof.

With help from neighbour Martin Wildgoose – an archaeologist and trained stonemason – John began work on the smokehouse In February. Apart from some dry-stone cladding, it is now complete and operational.

His first product is Alder Hot Smoked Salmon – using local Alder wood for heat as well as smoke.

He recently had his first order from Kinloch Lodge, and his produce is also being stocked in local shops.

John added; “It really important to me to produce products that are worthy of representing Skye.”