‘The Sunshine Ghost’ comes to Skye

A castle being transported across the Atlantic, and the ghost which accompanies it, is the focus of a new musical coming to Skye next month.

‘The Sunshine Ghost’, a co-production between Scottish Theatre Producers and Edinburgh’s Festival and King’s theatres, tells the comic tale of the acquisition of Castle MacKinnon by a love-struck billionaire and property tycoon for his fiancé – Hollywood’s favourite astrologer.

Glen Duval (Barrie Hunter) plans to have the ancient MacKinnon stronghold dismantled stone by stone on its remote island home before shipping it to Naples, Florida, USA where it will be rebuilt. Once in Florida however, it soon becomes clear that the castle’s previous owner hasn’t quite left the building…

The lavish feat is at the behest of Duval’s fiancé, Elizabeth Sinclair (Helen Logan) — better known to the world as ‘Astrobeth’ — Hollywood’s favourite astrologer. She has told Duval that “it has been written in the stars that it is their destiny to be romantically united” at the ancient Mackinnon stronghold. Mysteriously, Astrobeth then informs Duval that she is unable to travel to Scotland, but is sure that her vivid celestial prophecy will somehow come to pass and, enchanted by this, the love-struck Duval hits upon the idea to ship the castle across the Atlantic to her.

Duval immediately starts planning for the castle’s deconstruction and relocation; arrangements that upset and anger many people, including Jacqueline (Neshla Caplan), Duval’s daughter from his first marriage and an avid archaeologist, who is furious that her father could display such disrespect for another country’s heritage.

The story reaches its supernatural climax on the eve of Astrobeth and Duval’s wedding day, when true identities are revealed, family trees are unearthed and the Sunshine Ghost (John Kielty) enjoys an unforgettable finale.


‘The Sunshine Ghost’ ,  Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Skye, on Tuesday 10th October at 7.30pm. For more information see seall.co.uk