Sound waves on an island shore

For a long time, music producer Peter Fletcher had a dream. He dreamed of owning his very own residential recording studio by the sea. He dreamed of a place that would, quite literally, make waves, for the people it would attract and the music it would produce.

In hindsight, his dream might have appeared to be just that, as Peter lived in Nottingham — quite some distance from any ocean. “It really was just a dream at the time,” he explains. “I had no hope at all of achieving it, but it has been a lifelong ambition.” Little did he know that thanks to a combination of fortuitous events and a good bit of elbow grease his dream would come true. He is now about to open the doors of Black Bay Studio, which sits so close to the sea it resides in the old crab factory on the harbour in Kirkibost, Great Bernera, on the west side of Lewis.


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