New community hub opens on Skye


AN CRUBH - SLEAT 1A new community hub in Sleat — An Crubh — officially opened last weekend.

Comprising a café, shop and gathering space, the hub was developed by the Camuscross and Duisdale Initiative with the aim of giving locals and visitors alike a place to meet, to shop and socialise.

Business manager Sharon Campbell said: “Here in Sleat we are lucky to have a very vibrant community. The board from Camuscross and Duisdale Initiative are all volunteers and with feedback from the community, they had the vision, skills and drive to make this fantastic project happen. We now have an amazing facility on our doorstep which will benefit future generations and attract visitors from near and far. It has created good permanent job opportunities and we have a great team in place to give everyone who visits An Crùbh the warmest of welcomes.”


Before Saturday 1st April, buying a litre of milk meant using two litres of diesel to get to a shop and back. Now the community and its visitors have a well-stocked general store, selling local produce and supporting suppliers in the area.

The café has a cosy inglenook where small groups can gather for activities. A highly talented chef, just returned from working in Japan, offers appealing, affordable food, including some great vegetarian options.

The hall itself is at the heart of the building. It has already taken bookings for exercise and yoga, charitable events, dances, weddings and stand-up comedy. It’s situated in a very picturesque spot, with great panes of glass showing off the mountains of the mainland.

AN CRUBH - SLEAT 3CDI chairman Mark Wringe (pictured) said: “Over 30 groups around South Skye and Lochalsh expressed their wish to use the hall for everything from musical events to circus training. Yes, the roof is high enough to accommodate circus training. It’s been described by one photographer as the most beautiful hall he’s seen. When a cèilidh takes place – or a visiting string quartet comes by, with the hills turning red and the Sound of Sleat reflecting the setting sun through the big window behind them it’s going to be a heart-stopping experience.”