A taste of Salt at the Summer Isles

Suzie will take Salt to the Summer Isles Hotel for the winter

A popular new west coast eatery has relocated to the Summer Isles Hotel for the winter.

Suzie Macgregor’s Salt Seafood Kitchen proved a hit in Coigach this summer, gaining a reputation for quality local seafood and earning a place in TripAdvisor’s top 10 Highland restaurants. Now Suzie is going to run the bar and food service at the Summer Isles Hotel for the winter months.


She said: “Salt was originally a one year trial to see if there were demand for a seafood bar in the north west. We have had a phenomenal first season and the feedback was great. Locals and visitors were all very supportive and encouraged me to consider staying open for the winter, but Salt is in a converted chalet and not suitable for the winter months in the north west.

“Realising the Summer Isles Hotel was closing for the winter, I contacted the owners and they have agreed to me running the bar and offering seafood throughout the the next few months. Although the hotel will remain closed, we will be opening the bar Thursday to Sunday offering the amazing local seafood that everyone loves and also plan on putting on music and to look at other ideas for winter.”