Rescued otter cub cared for on Skye

Grace Yoxon with the new arrival

A 10-week-old otter cub found on the other side of the country is the latest resident at the Skye-based International Otter Fund.

The cub was handed into Munlochy Animal Aid, near Inverness, before being transferred to the specialst centre in Broadford last Friday.

OTTER CUB - BROADFORD 2Grace Yoxon of IOSF said: “The cub is only about 10 weeks old and has probably only just ventured out of its holt. We don’t know how it became separated from mum but thank goodness it ended up with Iona Nicol at Munlochy. We have had cubs from her in the past and so know that she will always look after them properly. Otter cubs have to be given special milk and so it can be very dangerous for them to be given cow’s milk.

“This little chap will stay at the Broadford otter hospital until he is about a year old as this is when cubs normally leave their mothers. It is really important that human contact is kept to a minimum as if they become tame they cannot be released back to the wild where they belong. If anyone finds a cub or injured otter, please do not touch it but contact IOSF immediately for advice on 01471 822487.”


She added: “This little otter just highlights how otters all over the world need our help. IOSF has designated 2016 as the Year of the Otter to draw attention to the plight of the world’s otters and to raise funds for their care and conservation. You can find out more at and you will also find information here about our Otter Oscar awards which are open to all.”