Oban businessman fined for Skye crash

Mr Lawson’s BMW flew around 30 meters off the road before colliding with a house at Sconser

An Oban businessman who crashed his new company car into a house on Skye was fined £300 and given five penalty points this week.

Colin Lawson (37) escaped unhurt in the accident last November but was trapped inside the car and had to be cut free from the tangled metal by firemen. While travelling north to Uig Mr Lawson’s BMW 320 flew off the road, going through a road sign, fence, wall and garden before colliding with a house in Sconser in which the Constant family were eating their breakfast.

Appearing at Portree Sheriff Court this week Mr Lawson admitted careless driving. His defence lawyer Hamish Melrose said: “He left home at 5am to catch the 10am ferry from Skye. He had plenty of time and was not in a hurry.

“He felt the back of the car slide out on the bend. He tried to correct but seems to have over-corrected. It was fortunate he was not injured.”

Sheriff Richard Davidson said: “Although it does not say so in the charge I think speed could have been involved.”

Speaking at the time of the incident, Mishca Constant said the car hitting the house had sounded  “like a missile going off”.
He continued: “We were sitting having breakfast and heard a massive bang. I looked out and saw the car on its side. I got the wee ones to the back of the house, called 999 then went outside to check on the driver. He was remarkably unharmed, surrounded by airbags and making an SOS call from the car — a new BMW. Anything older and I don’t think he would have been so lucky.”

The incident highlighted calls for a crash barrier and speed restriction to be introduced following multiple incidents on the same stretch of road.

Mischa — a youth worker with Portree YMCA — said: “The car flew off the road at Sconser Lodge and must have been in the air for about 30 metres. It cut a tree in half and then landed on the decking. It doesn’t bear thinking about what would have happened if it had hit the house. The kids currently sleep in a back room but we are not going to use it until a barrier is put up — we don’t feel they would be safe.

“It is ridiculous having no reduced speed limit on the road — this is the third accident in the same place this year. Our neighbours are also too scared to use the decking at the back of their house in case something like this happens again.
Amazingly, the only visible damage to the house is a small chip out of the the wall the car struck.”