New video featuring Danny MacAskill launches Drop and Roll tour



A video officially launching a street trials stunt display tour featuring Skye biker Danny MacAskill has been launched online, attracting thousands of hits within hours.

Co-founded by Danny MacAskill and Duncan Shaw, The Drop and Roll team is completed by Ali Clarkson and Fabio Wibmer. The new video imagines the riders as an 80s rock band – complete with tight jeans and big hair – as they demonstrate some of the highlights from their upcoming show season.

After several years of producing solo content, working on a project with a team of riders was a welcome change of scenery for Danny. He said: “We have wanted to introduce Drop and Roll to the world with a bang so we knew we would have to think outside the box on this one and come up with something a wee bit different. I think we have just about managed that!

“I am so flipping excited about this video. It has been a long time coming and a couple of tricks I managed to pull have been on my mind for years.”

Danny MacAskill pictured in a scene from the new video

The riders have been on tour and rocking out at events throughout the UK and Europe since summer 2014, entertaining huge enthusiastic and vocal crowds with their awesome skills as they strive to be the biggest and best touring show team around.

Despite performing in various shows across Europe, it was the shooting of this, their first band video, that placed the team altogether in one place for an extended period for the first time; in a warehouse on the outskirts of Glasgow.

Co-founder, team manager and rider Duncan Shaw says the video marked a massive challenge from both a riding and production perspective. “This has definitely been the hardest yet most rewarding production I have ever been a part of and after talking about this for so long it is awesome to finally release it to the world. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction.

“I have never produced or ridden in a project on this scale so it has definitely been a steep learning curve, but it has definitely been worth it. I now can’t wait to see people’s reactions.”

Launched earlier today (Thursday) the video has already attracted over 2,700 views.

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