Night Tripper crosses the Atlantic

Night Tripper



A music programme that airs on Lochbroom FM is now playing on an American radio station.

‘Too Rare to Die’, hosted by the Night Tripper — Ross Beattie from Leckmelm — goes out every Thursday night and plays everything from psychedelia to soul, and from folk to blues.

“You can hear anything from Frank Zappa to Elmore James, from Funkadelic to Sun Ra, and hopefully something you’ve never heard before,” said Ross. “I was approached by a presenter on Deep Nuggets Radio who listened to and liked my show and asked if he could pass it on to his station’s owners and directors who also really enjoyed it and approached me about the syndication.”

DNR will now rebroadcast Ross’s show every week on Thursday, at 9pm Pacific Standard Time. His background is in poetry and gardening but Ross says music has “always been the most important thing in my life”.