Weather watching at Plockton High School

A new weather station has been installed at Plockton High School, allowing pupils to work with real data in classes.

The Scottish Sea Farms Heart of the Community fund covered the full cost of the £1,157 station which has now been installed at the school, allowing pupils to collect data on temperature, wind direction and strength, rainfall, humidity, pressure, solar radiation and ultra-violet radiation.

The information is transmitted from the weather station – situated above the school’s main doors – every four seconds to a wireless console that is in range anywhere in the school, allowing the data to be used in several subjects.

Plockton High School pupils Gracie Hammond and Robert Barker test the new weather station
Plockton High School pupils Gracie Hammond and Robert Barker test the new weather station

In addition, the school hope to log the data for submission to the Met Office weather observation website and would eventually like to see a Plockton Weather App created.

Plockton High School maths teacher Elfine George said: “Data will be collected and interpreted by all of our school pupils in a variety of classes.  We will then be able to share this information through the Plockton web other local schools and local harbour associations. This new weather station will provide good, accurate, local information for the entire community and we are really grateful to Scottish Sea Farms for its generous support of the project.”

Will Fulton, manager of Scottish Sea Farms’ Kishorn site, said: “Accurate information of this type is vital for our industry and we appreciate the need for knowledge and appreciation of our ever-changing weather system. This new station will give increased access to real numbers and data for the school pupils, increase involvement across the community and widen general awareness of weather.”