Shinty to be showcased at Hampden

Shinty is to be showcased for six months from October in the award winning Scottish Football Museum at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

The exhibition is being organised by the Camanachd Association (shinty’s ruling body), in partnership with the Scottish Football Museum.

The partnership will celebrate the historic links between the two sports and promote an awareness and understanding of shinty to a new and wider audience.

A significant part of the Scottish Football Museum has been offered to shinty for the six-month period and a working group has begun deliberating how best to use the opportunity.

The group is being led by shinty historian and broadcaster Dr Hugh Dan MacLennan who is already familiar with the steps of the famous stadium having worked with Alzheimer Scotland on the Shinty Memories project, also based at Hampden Park.

He said: “The opportunity to hold the exhibition in Hampden arose directly out of our partnership with Alzheimer Scotland and the hugely successful Shinty Memories Project.

“We will be able to mount the exhibition using the Hampden staff’s wealth of experience and as a facility for this kind of thing it is unmatched.

“Some of the exhibition will last for six months and some parts of it will be changed and rotated to allow us to maximise the opportunity and show as much as we can of shinty’s past, present and future.”

Shinty’s historic story will be told at the home of Scottish Football

Many of shinty’s great trophies will be on display on a planned rotation and clubs and Associations within the game are to be offered the opportunity to be part of the six-month long event.

Interesting and unusual objects are also being sought for display and clubs views will be sought on the content.

Jim Barr, President of the Camanachd Association said: “The exhibition offers shinty a unique opportunity to celebrate our historic links with football and reach new audiences from across Scotland and beyond.

“The Scottish Football Museum is a five-star visitor attraction and thousands of people will pass through facility during this period, providing us with a unique opportunity to tell shinty’s story and win new friends and supporters for the sport. The project dovetails with our strategic commitment to reassert participation and profile for the sport in the central belt, it also complements our long-term aspiration for an archive of the game’s riches, and we hope to be in a position to take elements of the exhibition around the shinty playing areas in the future.”

The exhibition will be bilingual with a strong Gaelic element throughout, which is being supported by Bòrd na Gàidhlig, the national Gaelic development agency.

The draw for the next round of the SSE Scottish Hydro Camanachd Cup will be held at Hampden next week.