Castaway Claire: Applecross woman’s fundraising challenge for burns charity

An Applecross woman is currently preparing to spend a month on an uninhabited island off South Rona in aid of the Scottish Burned Children’s Club.

Claire  Calder will embark on her castaway experience on Monday 6th July when she and her dogs, Midge and Milly, are dropped off on Eilean Garbh.

Claire will spend a month living on the uninhabited island of Eilean Garbh

Living in a tent, Claire will be totally reliant on the supplies she takes with her and what she can gather on the island. She is embarking on the challenge as a way of giving back to the Scottish Burned Children’s Club, which supported her daughter Nadia Bounhar when she was seriously burned in a camping accident in 2002.

Nadia and Claire were living in Kyle at the time of the accident, which occurred when Nadia was eight and on holiday with her father. She received a life-threatening burn to 50 per cent of her body and remains badly scarred but now aged 21 is  in her second year at Leeds University and living life to the full, Claire said.

She added: “She made an amazing recovery, thanks to the support and dedication of all organisations and professionals involved and also the love that came from the community.

“One of the organisations which supported Nadia was the Scottish Burned Children’s Charity and she has attended their annual camps, which helped her greatly with confidence and image issues and she is now a young volunteer for the charity.”

Based near Edinburgh, the Scottish Burned Children’s Club is run solely by volunteers and depends upon donations for its funding, with its annual week-long camp costing around £10,000 while a family weekend costs £4,000 to run.

Claire said: “I know just how much these activities and this support help burned children to rebuild confidence and come to terms with their life-changing injuries, in the company of others who have been through a similar experience.

“I have been planning this fundraiser for some time and am finally doing it this year to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday and all that she has achieved since her injury, with the support of the burns club.”

A keen camper since childhood, Claire said she was keen to use her talents to raise money for the charity and hopes to exceed the £500 target they have set. She is now well on her way, with over £300 pledged already. To make a donation, see