Update – volunteers battle to save whales stranded off Skye

UPDATE (4.41pm).

It has been confirmed that two more pilot whales have been euthanised after becoming stranded on Staffin Island.

Following an assessment by a vet it was decided that the most humane outcome for the animals would be for their suffering to be ended. The vet was in no doubt that had they been refloated they would not have survived long.

Each of the remaining seven animals are being assessed in the hope that some may be fit enough to be refloated to join the whales that are currently free swimming and the team continues to give them first aid.

Several of the whales stranded off Skye have now been confirmed dead.

Following reports overnight of a pod of 23 pilot waves stranded at Brogaig Bay, volunteers have been battling to save the animals.

Of the original 23, two whales were found dead and a further pregnant female was put down after her calf was found to have died. Several of the animals were then reported to have become restranded on Staffin Island and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team have now confirmed that there are nine whales alive on the island, with one in a very bad way.  Four whales were already dead on the island while three are swimming offshore. A further two from the original stranding have not accounted for and it is hoped they have gone back to open sea.

BDMLR volunteers along with personnel from other agencies continue to give the nine surviving whales first aid with support from local people.