Lochcarron GP is runner-up in Scottish awards

Pictured at the Edinburgh awards ceremony are (left to right) Dr David Murray, Professor Mike Pringle — President of RCGP — and Carol MacKenzie


Dr David Murray of Lochcarron Medical Partnership has been named as runner-up in the search of Scotland’s GP of the year.

The award for GP of the year by the Royal College of General Practitioners (Scotland) went to Dr Sue Farrar of the Primrose Lane Medical Centre in Rosyth, following an awards ceremony held in Edinburgh.

Dr Murray’s patients outlined a career of 29 years centred in, and dedicated to, his rural community. Carol MacKenzie, who nominated him, said she was “amazed that Dr Murray is able to offer the exceptional standard of care to so many without diminishing his professional standards, which are today as high as they have always been”. She added: “We as a family, and his community, have had the services of a doctor of immense integrity.”

Speaking from his Dingwall practice, Dr Miles Mack, chair of  RCGP Scotland, said: “I am well aware of the exceptional care GPs across Scotland give to their patients against the odds. It is always humbling, however, to hear of how the profession is perceived by our patients, of how my colleagues affect and benefit the lives of others. Being a GP is far from ‘a day’s work’. It is a privileged way of life that, in my view, cannot be beaten.

“In Dr Farrar’s case, though an exceptional GP in her own right, she is the first to point to the team effort from her practice that makes such care possible. It is only right that we celebrate the contribution GPs make to lives across the country. I am delighted that Dr Farrar and Dr Murray are at the centre of that celebration.”