‘Strome Ferry No Ferry’ no more

The famous ‘Strome Ferry — No Ferry’ road sign is no more, having recently been removed by Highland Council.

Erected following the completion of the Stromeferry bypass and the end of the Loch Carron ferry service in 1970, the sign was brought to wider attention by its inclusion in the Iain Banks novel ‘Complicity’ and the subsequent film adaptation.

Neillie ‘Ach’ MacRae, chair of the Stromeferry and Achmore Community Council, said: “Stromeferry and Achmore Community Council welcome the installation of the new signs by Highland Council above Stromeferry after a lengthy delay but are disappointed to see the removal of the ‘Strome Ferry No Ferry’ sign.

Photo: Creative Commons
Photo: Creative Commons

“This sign, which was perfectly functional and clear, had a history attached, having appeared in many newspapers as a humorous photograph sent in by holidaymakers, and also on TV, and as such lifted the profile of a quiet village — which to those who are involved in tourism is very important. Let’s not forget a sign’s function — it was also informative, since there is no ferry at Strome.”

He added: “For the finding of a few letters and screws things could be readjusted to help keep people informed and keep Stromeferry’s profile, along with a wee bit humour. This community council is as ever willing to help where we can to this end.”

A Highland Council spokesman said: “There was only one sign left near the junction after repeated storms had taken all the other signs out, including the destination sign near the junction. We’ve been consulting with the local community about replacement signs and have now erected new signs in the locality. We completed installing these new signs a few weeks ago and have received nothing but thanks.”