Skye sisters venture to fightback against fad diets

TWO island sisters have vowed to spark a fightback against fad diets and processed meals by launching the UK’s first online exercise and healthy eating programme.

Experienced fitness instructors Fiona Weir and Lorna MacKinnon have run the “Be Your Best Bootcamp” business in the Isle of Skye for several years, helping hundreds of men and woman transform their general health and body shapes.

The sisters are now behind the new

The idea for the venture — which will feature regular work-out videos and comprehensive eating and exercise guides — came from observing boot camp participants in Portree.

Fiona Weir has run fitness “bootcamps” on Skye for several years

Fiona said their boot campers exercised well but often spoiled their efforts by going on trendy diets or eating salty processed foods.

“I saw people make the same mistakes time and time again by starting a different diet, like the Atkins, every so often,” she said. “If they didn’t do that then they relied on scoffing processed foods as a way of providing their bodies with the vital nutrients, which is impossible.”

Fiona (32) and Lorna (33) came up with the idea of a one-stop website where users can access an easy to understand eating guide and eight-minute-long workouts. The siblings have also spent six months on ideas for an 80-page online recipe book.

Fiona insisted the website can be as hands on as a personal trainer or gym instructor, and is cheaper, at £4.99 per month, until June.

“We have active Facebook and Twitter accounts linked to the website page which offers advice and support for individuals and a Smart Followers forum where they can share their progress with others so it becomes a community of like-minded people,” she said. “That is what we have promoted through our boot camps and that spirit lets people feel they are part of something which inspires and motivates them to keep on track.

“Our programme is ideal as the workouts can be done from home with no expensive equipment and our site subscription fee is cheaper than any gym membership/fitness class.” goes live this Monday, 30th March.