Warning after dog attacked in Portree

A Skye woman has warned dog owners to be on the lookout in Portree after her elderly collie was viciously attacked last week.

Fiona Gately from Geary, Waternish, was making her usual walk with her collie, Pat, in the Bayfield carpark last Monday afternoon when another dog launched an attack, lifting the 13-year-old dog and “shaking it like a rabbit”.

Mrs Gately explained: “I always walk my dog on a lead as she’s partially deaf and we were about three quarters of the way towards the carpark entrance when another dog came round from the side of a van in stalking mode and attacked, lifting her up by the neck and shaking her like a rabbit. There was no warning, no noise, it went straight for my dog.

“I was hysterical and screaming for help and a man appeared and wrestled the dog to the ground. Pat then slipped her collar and ran back to my car.”

Mrs Gately with Pat, who received four deep puncture wounds in the attack

Mrs Gately took the injured dog to vet Rhona Campbell, where she was sedated and received stitches for four deep puncture wounds on her neck, and reported the incident to the police. Since the incident Pat has required further trips to the vet after developing an infection in her wound.

Due to the suddenness of the attack Mrs Gately was unable to get a good look at the other dog, but described it as deep-chested, possibly a mastiff, with white and dark brown colouring. She added: “It was loose, with no collar, and is clearly very powerful – my dog is overweight, so to lift her and shake her like that takes strength.

“My main concern is that dog walking around loose, going for a kill, there was no warning, it was instant attack. I will never walk my dog there again.

“I would like to thank the vet, Rhona Campbell, Karen and all the team, they were so good – I hate to think what would have happened if it had been out of hours.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said that as no injury was inflicted on a human, the incident came under the jurisdiction of the Highland Council Skye and Lochalsh dog warden, who it has not been possible to contact.