Community vote to pursue buyout of the Barvas Estate

Residents in Barvas have voted overwhelmingly to pursue a community buyout of the Barvas Estate, with 84 per cent of votes in favour of the move.

In a ballot held yesterday (Thursday) a total of 497 votes were cast from the 919 papers issued, giving a turnout of 54 per cent. Of these votes 417 were in favour of the buyout of the Lewis estate.
Angus MacLeod of Urras Sgire Oighreachd Bharabhais Community Company (Barvas Estate Area Trust Community Company) said he was “quite content” with the result and welcomed the high percentage voting in favour of the buyout.

He added: “The community company, in view of the 84 per cent in favour of proceeding to purchase assets, will now be taking the matter forward and agree terms with Barvas Estate Ltd over the next few months.”

Barvas Estate has been owned since 1925 by the Duckworth family, who still a retain a share along with the Armitage family and the Gray family.
The 34,600-acre estate includes a productive salmon fishery, stalking moor, modest lodge, two modern cottages and a salmon hatchery, but the community company do not intend to purchase the fishing rights as they would be too expensive.