Council to update parents on Kyleakin school re-opening

Highland Council will give a full update to parents this week on the timescale for reopening Kyleakin Primary School on Skye.
The school was closed after part of its roof blew off in the storm of 8th January. All the pupils have transferred to Kyle Primary School until the roof is repaired. However, some Kyleakin parents have expressed concern that the council have not kept them informed about when the school might reopen.
A council spokeswoman said: “A structural engineer has visited the school site and has submitted a report to the council’s property manager (building maintenance) development and infrastructure service for his consideration. A further site visit is to be undertaken this week to ascertain if the roof requires to be replaced across the school building or if a repair to the damaged section is sufficient.
“Parents have been informed of this and further details will be issued this coming week, following the site visit.”