Police launch investigation into deer remains found in north Skye

Police have opened an investigation following the discovery of deer remains inside a forestry enclosure in north Skye earlier this month.

Images of a deer hind found lying dead in the enclosure sparked an angry response from islanders across social media and promoted the Scottish Gamekeepers Association to reiterate its call to the Scottish Government to abandon plans to double the female culling season.

A dead hind with large unborn calf was found within the fenced scheme at Dunvegan

While deer managers can use a general authorisation to cull deer inside enclosed woodland up to 1st April, the hind appears to have been shot many weeks out of season.

Skye residents reacted with disbelief at images of dead hinds inside a woodland scheme in Dunvegan

The fenced scheme is part of a £1 million native woodland creation project on the MacLeod Estate.

Sergeant Bruce Crawford said: “We are investigating the circumstances leading up to the recovery of deer remains at a location near Dunvegan, Isle of Skye.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact 101 quoting incident number NP1503/21.”