Latest jaw-dropper from Danny MacAskill

Another iconic image to add to the Danny MacAskill collection

Trial cycling sensation Danny MacAskill from Skye this week launched a new video featuring his latest jaw-dropping stunt rides.

‘This and That’, which was uploaded on his YouTube channel on Tuesday, sees Danny joining up with fellow Scot and BMX wizard Kriss Kyle in their first video project together.

For the new feature, presented by Endura, Danny and Kriss hit the extensive woodland trails and sandstone quarry cliffs of Nescliffe in Shropshire, and the testing street obstacles of Blackpool’s seafront.

‘This and That’, a We Are Peny Media production, directed and edited by Robbie Meade, showcases both Endura riders switching between mountain bikes and BMX and street trials bikes to show off some astonishing stunts and gravity-defying tricks.

Danny, the world-renowned mountain bike rider and YouTube superstar from Dunvegan, said: “Kriss and I are good friends. We often ride together for fun. He was also one of the team in our sell-out Drop and Roll Live stunt show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019. However, this is the first time we have worked together on a film project so we were determined to make the best film we could.”

The six and a half minute video was made last September, before the second lockdown.

Danny said: “Like so many plans over the past year, this film project constantly evolved. Kriss and I wanted to make a video with some international riders. When they weren’t allowed to travel, we were still keen to get on the road when we could and make the best of the bad situation.

Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle in action

“It was amazing to get together with Kriss and the crew, working on something new, a film that would capture the fun we all have when riding bikes, a film with a relaxed, humorous and upbeat vibe.

“As always, I really hope that our fans and anyone who watches ‘This and That’ enjoys it and gets inspired to go out riding with a group of friends for some well-earned fun.”

There were some nature-based challenges for both riders and crew on the six-day shoot.

The wind caused havoc in Blackpool. Wind is the enemy when it comes to street riding, even worse than rain. It was extremely difficult for Danny and Kriss to nail their tricks with the winds doing their utmost to blow them over.


At Nescliffe, sandflies were the problem and the whole crew were covered in itchy bites for weeks after the shoot.

Danny (35) shot to fame in 2009 with his breakthrough video ‘Inspired Bicycles’ which included stunts filmed at landmark locations across Edinburgh. After it was uploaded to the internet, this and his many other video projects racked up well over 300 million views on various YouTube platforms.

‘The Ridge’, Danny’s feature video filmed in 2014 on his native Skye, where he tackles the Inaccessible Pinnacle on the Cuillin Ridge, has been watched more than 74.5 million times on YouTube.

‘This and That’ is on YouTube: