Storr sledger back on his feet and grateful for speedy response

PHOTO: Willie Urquhart/WHFP

A 36-year-old Skye man who feared serious injury when he crashed while sledging at the Old Man of Storr was this week full of praise for the emergency services and first responders.

Steven Bain from Portree (pictured) suffered two small fractures to the lower lumber area of his back a week ago last Sunday when he was thrown from the sledge, somersaulted, and hit the ground feet first, which compressed his spine.


As the Mowi workboat operator lay in the snow in great pain, his friend phoned 999 and a while later 12 members of Skye Mountain Rescue Team were called out. The Stornoway Coastguard rescue helicopter was also dispatched.

Rescuers gave painkillers and fully immobilised Mr Bain before winching him into the chopper and flying him to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow.


“The medical staff in the hospital thought I’d had a car accident,” he said.

“They said to me ‘are you sure you weren’t in a car accident?’ The standard of care was excellent and everyone, from the police, fire brigade, mountain rescue team, ambulance and coastguard were absolutely top notch, really spot on, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Mr Bain’s dad, Kenny, said at the family home in Fiscavaig: “Steven has had a very lucky escape. It could have been much worse. We are very grateful to the rescuers and those who gave him care in hospital.”

Mr Bain was up and about walking this week but said he would have to take it easy for the next few weeks while his injury heals.