The Skye Cycle Network Consultation has started!

The Skye Cycle Network Project is looking to tap into your local knowledge.

The local community is being asked to help identify potential dedicated walking, cycling, wheeling and all ability access routes across Skye. Your ideas will help to create proposals for a network of safe, healthy and environmentally friendly active travel alternatives. The project will build on the fantastic efforts of two active travel projects already underway in Skye – the Skye Cycle Way overseen by the Broadford & Strath Community Company and the Edinbane Paths project overseen by the Edinbane Community Company. The aim is to create a network of regenerated and newly built pathways that link neighbourhoods, communities, local hubs & places of interest near you.

You might know of an old path or trail that could be redeveloped to provide better access between community hubs. Or you may imagine an entirely new route that could be built to provide new access between neighbourhoods and important places, like schools, shops, and churches. Skye Cycle Network want to hear any idea that would allow walkers, cyclists, and mobility aid users to safely access important places in your community and avoid cars altogether. Your input is vital in helping to identify the most appropriate areas for development.

There are many ways for you to get your thoughts down before sending them to in to Skye Cycle Network. However, the more specific you can be the better. If they know exactly where your idea for a route is, they can more easily survey the area. If you do not have access to a computer, you can still take part. Just call 01470 532375 and all the details will be sent to you. The website also outlines all the details and information you need to take part and how to submit your ideas and suggestions. You can fill in our survey online (click on the advert below) or call to have this sent to you.