Letters: Comhairle opposition respond; St Valery thanks; PM is devoid of detail….

Comhairle change

It has been brought to my attention that the SNP Comhairle Group has been criticised for working in the best interests of those communities they serve by scrutinising decisions of Comhairle and by seeking to change Comhairle policy.

Councillor Norman Mac Donald (Sgìre an Rubha) in his golf notes in your paper described the elected councillors who form The Comhairle in the following terms: “An uncaring, out-of-touch majority of elected members (but not the SNP group, obviously) had decided to refurbish the council chamber in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, ignoring the more pressing needs of the local economy.”

Councillor Norman MacDonald is to be applauded for his honesty, although harsh on himself, as he forms an intrinsic part of what he describes as the “uncaring, out-of-touch majority”.

It is clear from these statements that change is very necessary and long overdue.

Councillor Norman MacDonald singles out the minority SNP Group as not forming part of an uncaring, out-of-touch majority and the truth of that statement is acknowledged.

It is equally clear that we must seek change at every opportunity so that the number of uncaring out-of-touch councillors becomes the minority.

We as SNP Comhairle Group of elected councillors must always seek to work in the best interests of the electorate on whose behalf we seek to change policy. We must work to ensure that the SNP Comhairle Group becomes the majority and that the uncaring, out-of-touch councillors become the minority.

Cllr Gordon Murray, leader of CnES SNP group

Our columnist wrote the words “uncaring out of touch majority” not to indicate that it was how he saw things, but as an illustration of how Cllr Murray had sought to portray the council administration – hence following up with the word ‘Balderdash’. Ed.

Heroes of St Valéry

On Friday, 12th June more than 550 pipers across the world played the haunting march The Heroes of St Valéry from doorsteps, gardens and streets.

This recognised the service of the Second World War “Forgotten” 51st Highland Division which remained on the continent to fight the Nazis after the evacuations from Dunkirk. Despite their incredible bravery, around 10,000 men were finally encircled and captured at the Normandy fishing port of St Valéry-en-Caux on 12th June 1940.

The aim of our 80th commemoration was to ensure these men were remembered. St Valéry impacted on every town, village and hamlet across the Highlands and beyond. Eighty years on, those same communities were joined by pipers from across the globe as they paid their respects.

As well as becoming the largest piping ensemble in history, a day-long programme of virtual events, learning resources fo young people and social media tribute messages achieved a reach of 169 million people.

The event was supported three Armed Forces community charities: Poppyscotland, Legion Scotland and RCET: Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s Charity. Each do vital work today.

To each and every piper, we say: “Thank you!” And to those that support the work of those charities: “Many, many thanks!” Most of all, to the men of the 51st, our thanks, gratitude and respect.

Sir Alistair Irwin KCB CBE, President of Legion Scotland and Poppyscotland and Vice President RCET: Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s Charity

Neil McLennan FSA Scot FRSA, RCET Trustee and Convenor St Valéry 80 Committee

PM devoid of detail

Once again this blustering PM talks in sound bites, as in “work work work, jobs jobs jobs and build build build”, all devoid of details.

And from Get Brexit done to get Covid done, this is definitely the hand of Dominic Cummings.

Boris Johnson’s ludicrous statement that there was “no such thing as a border between England and Scotland” and that all “regions” of the UK are moving forward together, only proves that in his desire to sound Churchillian he actually sounds more Trumpian!

Again the factual, historic and different legal jurisdictions within the political framework of the Union are completely lost on Boris and London.  In longing for an independent Scotland, God grant me patience; but please hurry!

Grant Frazer, Newtonmore