Letters: Family thank community after fire; Skye pylons; the benefits of mackerel

Thank you to our community, after devastating fire

As a family we would like to thank the local community and those further afield for their amazing support.

We are now back on site which we could not have achieved without you all.

Thank you to John Finlayson, Hamish Fraser and Sandy Murray.

With an extra special thank you to the MacPhee family.

A heartfelt special thank you to Isobel Taylor — a star among all the gems. 

Onwards and upwards we now have a chance to start living again. 

Thank you all so very much from our hearts.

Shona MacLeod, Black Park,  Broadford.

The health benefits of eating mackerel

So delighted to see Norman Stewart tuck into fresh mackerel.

He couldn’t have eaten a better food when recovering from Coronavirus.

Mackerel has good qualities of Vitamin D, 5.4ug (approx 200iu) per 100g fresh mackerel.

One study: Vitamin D may help lessen severity of lung infection ref (BMJ15Feb 2017).

Mackerel also has great levels of Selenium 60ug (part of the complex antioxidants and enzymes that gobble up oxidants, reduce inflammation and generally make it harder for viruses to survive.

Including fruit and veg in meals, to increase vitamin C, is also really important for combating viruses (Vitamin C increase interferon production…..).

Mackerel also has good levels of magnesium, zinc, potassium.

Well done to Norman’s friends.

Keep supplying the mackerel to the Home Farm Care home.

Mary Reid, retired nutritional therapist

Replacement power line to Edinbane

The electricity company, SSEN, has a revenue of about 1.5 billion pounds annually. It says it might be prepared to bury the new cables planned for Skye and the West Highlands in some sections.

We need to make sure they do.

I would suggest burying the cables is some sections north of Loch Hourn at least.

South of the border in areas as beautiful as this they would be made to bury the cables in totality.

K McKibben