Mystery couple donate £220 to Shieldaig primary and nursery pupils in Random Act of Kindness

Two anonymous donors have gifted £10 to all 22 primary and nursery school children in the Shieldaig area as part of the village’s Random Acts of Kindness project.

The project, which was set up in May by the Shieldaig Community Council, gives anyone in the village the opportunity to nominate someone else – such as a fellow resident, postie, or delivery driver to receive a random act kindness.

Natalya Revitt, who chairs the Shieldaig Community Council told the Free Press that they had received lots of nominations and heard from many grateful recipients but wanted to highlight this particular request to say a very special thank you to the generous couple.

She said: “I was approached by a couple who live, and are well known in Shieldaig but who wish to remain anonymous.

“They had been so touched with the kindness that the community had shown them that they wanted to do something in return.

“After much thought they decided that this whole Coronavirus crisis has been incredibly hard on the children in the village the most. So they let me know that they would like to donate £10 to every child in the Primary and Nursery School to say thank you to them for being so good and for helping us all to stay safe.”

Natalya said she was in the process of writing 22 individual cards to all the children to let them know two special Shieldaig people would like to say a big thank you to them – including a £10 note in each card.

She added: “In this crazy world we sometimes overlook small gestures of kindness, but I was hoping the Free Press could help us say thank you to our anonymous donors in a special way.”