Fuel leak at Skye fish feed plant

The fish feed mill at Kyleakin. Picture, Willie Urquhart

A clean-up operation was launched this week after diesel leaked from a ship at Mowi’s fish feed plant in south Skye.

The spill was discovered at the harbour of the Kyleakin feed mill after a member of the public raised the alarm late on Tuesday night.

Claes Jonermark, operations director at Mowi’s Kyleakin Feed Mill, said: “Mowi reports a minor diesel spill from a vessel operating at the Kyleakin Feed Mill’s harbour area.

“The odour of diesel was reported to our company by a local resident late evening on March 31st. Swift action was taken to identify and contain the spill by our staff who are specifically trained to handle this type of incident and have spill containment equipment on standby as part of routine operations.  

“Spill containment booms were immediately deployed and a specialist containment company were called to attend to the scene, arriving in the early hours of April 1st. Diesel oil and sea water recovered during the pollution control operations will be disposed of in accordance with specialist waste handling procedures.

“Mowi has informed all relevant parties including Sepa, HM Coastguard and the police. We understand this to be a localized event and are assisting with the investigation as to root cause of the spill.”