Tech giants urged to join ‘Keep Left’ road campaign

A sign near the Skye Bridge urges drivers to keep left.

Tech giants are being urged to provide an additional safety feature to stop foreign motorists from driving on the wrong side of the road.

Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch MSP Kate Forbes has written to leading satellite navigation firms such as Apple and Google Maps to highlight the concern.

Because some sat navs and smartphones give users a reminder of the speed limit, she hopes that a similar notice can be given so that tourists stay on the left-hand side.

Ms. Forbes is supporting the ‘Keep Left’ campaign, which was launched after Skye woman Sharon Anslow was injured in a collision with a tourist’s car last year.

Ms Forbes said: “Nobody intentionally drives on the wrong side of the road, but clearly we’ve got to do more to remind visitors to drive on the left.

“Having contacted all the car hire companies to raise awareness of this issue, I’ve started looking at other points of contact with tourists.

“I’m sure that many will be using a navigation device, whether a GPS, SatNav, Google or Apple maps.

“Already, these devices usually remind drivers not to touch it whilst driving and to keep to the speed limit.

“I have contacted the tech companies to ask if they could develop them further to remind drivers to drive on the left.

“This could be done either verbally whilst driving or a warning sign before the start of a journey. Either way, it is another way of reminding drivers as they drive to keep left.”

Skye woman Sharon Anslow launched the ‘Keep Left’ campaign last year.

Images by Willie Urquhart.