Highland kids aged 0-5 years wanted for new documentary series

The makers of a documentary series on childhood development are appealing for families in the west Highlands and Islands to take part in the show.

Produced by London-based TV company ‘Wall to Wall’ – which also makes the ‘Long Lost Family’ programme – the yet-to-be-named series is due to begin filming towards the end of January.

Laura Frost of Wall to Wall said the series will be shown on a “global streaming network”, but first of all suitable parents and young children aged zero to five need to be found.

“We have a big research team who are very keen to speak to people in the Highlands and Islands,” she added. “We have all been through this phase in life. We have all been children, and observing their behaviours is what makes us human and our series wants to capture that.

“The series will explore child development over the first few years of life, and we hope to capture the milestones in those first years that are universal to us all as we follow the lives of children from across the globe. Working closely with leading experts, the series will reflect the latest and most up-to-date scientific research that is being carried out in the field of child development, to help our audience understand the path we take to becoming us.”

Those who are interested in taking part in the series can email the production company on kids@walltowall.co.uk  or call on 0207 241 9321. A short questionnaire will then be sent to them.