Dozens of karate students pass belt-grading tests

A group of happy Black Belts

A group of happy Black Belts


A total of 71 students of the IFA Skye and Lochalsh freestyle karate and kickboxing clubs descended on Portree High School recently to tackle their most recent belt grading.

The weekend started well with three students taking their belt grading on the Friday evening, all passing after being thoroughly tested by senior instructor Anthony Whitehouse and four-times World Kickboxing Champion and chief instructor Kash ‘The Flash’ Gill. The Saturday began at 9.30am — an early start for some, especially those travelling from Shieldaig and Glenelg — with four belt grades being examined. After what seemed to be a quite tough examination, all students were deemed to have passed and were presented with their new belts including one student who double-graded!

The next grading was even tougher, as it was for those going for Green Belt through to those aiming for Brown Belt. Again, with two students double-grading, the examiners kept up the pressure making sure that the students were thoroughly tested. At the end all were told that they had passed their belts, and so it moved on to the Black Belt course. This was a training course for those aiming for their Black Belt or First Degree Black Belt, and was well attended, including two energetic students who had just passed their Brown Belt! Running for just under two hours, the course covered a lot of techniques, with  particular favourites being head throws and neck wrestling.

Finally the afternoon moved to the Black Belt grading. It took a bit under two hours, and nearly all of the students had also attended the course, so some tired legs were anticipated. However, energy levels were high and by the end of the afternoon the IFA Skye and Lochalsh had eight more Black Belts!

Skye-based instructor Antony Davies said: “I am so pleased for all the students who have worked so hard this weekend. Everyone has passed, which makes me so proud of them all.”
With nearly 100 students, the IFA Skye and Lochalsh is well established and has clubs in Broadford, Kyle and Portree. For any information please call Antony Davies on 01471 822895 or e-mail