Feeling on top of the world after kilted Himalayan trek

An Ullapool man has successfully completed a kilted climb to the Everest base camp, helping to raise around £12,000 for Highland Hospice.

John Urquhart was part of a four-strong team tackling the 13-day trek from Lukla in Nepal to the Everest Base camp. He, along with Alex Mackenzie from Cawdor and Mark Bain of Nairn, wore kilts for the duration of the trip. They team was completed by Susan Drew from Kirkhall.

The foursome returned to Inverness last Thursday, still wearing their kilts, and were welcomed by Highland Hospice fundraiser Amanda Burt, who said: “They all feel fantastic about their achievement but are glad to get home and rest. The dust on the trail has given them coughs but that will clear up soon.

“They all said they found the challenge tough but it has given them an enormous sense of achievement in being able to support Highland Hospice in this way. It was great to have the team back safe and sound. We are all so proud of what they have done to help Highland Hospice.”

She added that she had contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to see if the kilted climb was a new record, but did not expect to hear back for several weeks.