Raasay pupils say thanks for help

222-RAASAY-PS---CALENDAR---2Pupils and staff at Raasay Primary School have extended a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who has supported their calendar project, with demand forcing a second print run.

Following a public appeal for high-quality photos of the island, the school produced a calendar incorporating local landmarks and landscapes and received images from near and far.
Raasay Primary head teacher Wilma Duncan said: “The need had been identified on the island for a local calendar and as a school our aim was to produce a high-quality product which could be enjoyed by all. This would not have been possible, given the costs involved, so we approached local businesses and organisations for their support and their response was overwhelming. The people of Raasay and beyond got behind our project wholeheartedly and the end result is a beautifully-produced product.

“The enterprise has been so successful that the first print run has sold out and Strath Print, the local printer, has just completed another run. This is a true example of community participation and multi-partnership co-operation at all levels with a local island school at its heart.”

The people and organisations which supported the project are: the Balachuirn Sheep Stock Club, the Community of Raasay Retail Association, DDK Design, North Raasay Sheep Stock Club, Raasay Development Trust, Raasay House Community Company, Raasay House, Raasay Crofters’ Association, Raasay Primary School Parent Council, Raasay Engineering, The Silver Grasshopper, Raasay Home Farm; AME Highland; H MacKay; Jan Nicolson; Messrs N & W Duncan; and the Oyster Catcher B&B.