Tenant pressure pays off over dampness claims


After years of pressure, Albyn Housing Society have acknowledged that houses at The Corran at Achintraid near Lochcarron suffer from dampness.

Since the houses were built six years ago, tenants of the four semi-detached properties have been adamant that the problems were not down to condensation, as Albyn had maintained.

One of the tenants (pictured) is Hannah Cundiff, at 4 The Corran, who is delighted that the issue is finally being taken seriously.

“We are hoping that the necessary work is done by the New Year,” she added. “My door needs replaced, and they’ll be putting in multifuel stoves and new extractor fans. They are also due to undertake an infra-red survey to see where the cold spots are.”

An inspection of the properties was carried out last month by consultants Pick Everard, who found that there was “something fundamentally wrong with all of the properties and their breathability”.

Calum Macaulay, chief executive at Albyn Housing Society, said: “We can confirm that a thorough independent survey has been undertaken by contractors at The Corran in Kishorn because of the dampness currently being experienced by tenants at four properties.

“Working with our tenants and contractors, we have identified the cause as being the existence of cold spots, and the need for additional ventilation. The independent survey has identified measures to address these causes and include the installation of new fans and positive input ventilation systems.

“We are now progressing the recommendations of the report, and we will keep all affected tenants updated. We are committed to resolving the issue as quickly as possible.”
Albyn have submitted a planning application for phase two of The Corran.