Uist play is the only show in town!

There was disappointment in the Mod drama competitions this year as only one group, Sgioba Drama Uibhist, took to the stage.

Late withdrawals by the teams from Kilmuir in Skye and Lewis reduced what is normally one of the Mod’s most popular com­petitions to an exhibition event.

Organsiers did what they could to make it an entertaining evening for the audience — pulling in Gaelic stand-up comedian Carina Macleod and a few other performers to add variety to the evening alongside the production “Na bi Tùrsach” by the Uist players.

John Morrison, the chief executive of Mod organisers An Comunn Gàidhealach, admitted it was disappointing that there was no real competition to speak of this year.

“It’s regretful,” he said. “We will need to sit down and discuss what happened and try to ensure that in future years we have other groups taking part. It will be difficult for us to take the lead on this, though — that will have to come from Comunn na Drama (the body which oversee Gaelic drama), and the grassroots groups themselves.”


There was no drama competition to speak of this year, as Sgioba Drama Uibhist were the only group to take part