Kintail Mountain Rescue Team receive two fully-equipped Landrovers

Kintail Mountain Rescue Team are now the proud owners of two state-of-the-art rescue ambulances thanks to donations from two different organisations.

A £20,000 grant from the Order of St John – which has been supporting Scottish mountain rescue teams since 1997 – allowed Kintail MRT to purchase a brand new Landrover Defender 110 and get it equipped with a winch, blue lights, siren, hi-viz markings and radios. The team also used some of their own funds towards this purchase.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team then donated a second-hand Landrover Defender 110 to the Kintail team. The vehicle arrived fully equipped with everything that the St John vehicle has, with the addition of enhanced radio capability via a telescopic mast.
Located in the busy Lake District area, Keswick MRT benefit from very successful fundraising and so are in the lucky position of being able to help teams that are less well off than themselves. Over the last 15 years they have made it their policy, when replacing vehicles, to donate the old vehicles to other mountain rescue teams who would otherwise struggle to fund vehicle purchases for themselves.

Kintail team leader Chris Nixon said: “We cannot thank these two organisations enough. We were running two very tired vehicles, one 12 years old and the other has just had its 23rd birthday. We had no idea how we were going to fund their replacement until these two organisations stepped in.
“We can only give a huge vote of thanks to the Order of St John and Keswick Mountain Rescue Team!”