Impressive Mod haul for the Nicolson Institute’s senior choir

The Nicolson Institute senior choir tasted Mod success today (Tuesday) as they scooped an impressive haul of trophies.

The Lewis choir won the unison singing competition for 13-18-year-olds, taking the Mrs Campbell Blair Trophy and the Angus M Ross Trophy for Gaelic. They also won the two-part harmony competition — and for that they won the Oban Times Challenge Trophy and the Mrs Hobbs Cup for Gaelic.

For their combined efforts across the choral competitions the Nicolson choir took the Heather K Moore Cup for music and the Rev Archie Beaton Trophy for Gaelic.

Conductress Margaret McLelland said the Inverness Mod was the Nicolson’s most productive in several years. “We have had success in the past, but we haven’t won as much as this for a few years,” she said. “There’s been a lot of ‘burning the midnight oil’ this year, but this is reward for all the hard work.”

Prior to the competitions John Macleod, the president of Mod organisers An Comunn Gàidhealach, was pleased to note an increase in the number of high school choirs taking part this year. Choirs from Uist, Mull and Culloden entered to join the regular attendees from the Nicolson and Sir E Scott schools.

In total over a thousand boys and girls under 18 took part in 37 competitions on Tuesday.

An Comunn chief executive John Morrison said: “Being bilingual opens so many doors, both professionally and personally. The young competitors we have seen over the last few days show that the Gaelic language is enjoyable, vibrant, and educational, with a place and purpose in modern Scotland.
“I would like to congratulate all of the junior competitors who have taken part this year and hope to see them all in Oban in 2015.”

Adult competitions start on Wednesday, including the literature awards, Gold Medal qualifying, the Silver Pendant final and Traditional Gold Medal qualifying.

Extended Mod coverage will feature in this week’s West Highland Free Press — out on Thursday.