Skye gallery fundraiser for mountain rescue team

Portree’s Skyeworks Gallery has chosen the Skye Mountain Rescue Team as their charity of the year.

Each year the gallery run by Liza Hawthorne chooses a charity to support, with Row St Kilda benefiting last year. This year they are hoping to raise £2,000, to cover the cost of replacing the Skye Mountain Rescue Team’s climbing helmets.

So far around £400 has been raised through the creation of a community painting, with those contributing making a small donation to add to the canvas. The painting was started in May by students from the Skills and Learning Programme at West Highland College UHI.

Since then the huge canvas has been added to by over 250 locals and visitors, all of whom have signed the back of the work. Artist Marion Boddy-Evans is overseeing progress.

From this Saturday (11th October), nominations will be accepted from the public for where to hang the painting, and the ‘Home to the Hills’ exhibition will also open. The exhibition features over 60 unsigned paintings and photographs by amateur and professional artists, all priced at £75 with a minimum of £25 being donated from each sale to the Skye MRT.

Students from the Skills and Learning Programme will also be exhibiting their canvases in the Skyeworks bakery.

‘Home to the Hills’ is expected to run until Saturday 25th October.