Kintail Mountain Rescue guide German woman to safety

Kintail Mountain Rescue team were called to the assistance of a German woman who got into difficulty due to heavy rain on Monday night.

The woman, who was well equipped but unaware of the poor forecast, was walking from Glen Affric to Morvich when she was caught out by the weather and her tent was destroyed. Using the 999 emergency roaming she was able to call for help at around 10.30pm on Monday, but due to the poor signal was only able to provide sketchy information about her location.

Five members of Kintail MRT split into two groups to search along the routes to Bealach an Sgairne — between Beinn Fhada and A’Ghlas Bheinn — and Bealach na Sroine, north of A’ Ghlas Bheinn, but in atrocious weather and limited visi­bility no sightings were made. With water levels making river cross­ing very difficult, the teams made their way back to base to await first light.

During this time further calls were received from the walker and her location was narrowed down to the ridge which leads to the summit of A’ Ghlas Beinn. With this information the team were able to encourage the young woman to carefully retrace her steps back to Bealach an Sgairne, while team members returned to the bealach. There, Paul Meikle – one of two members of Kintail MRT to have qualified for the Search and Rescue Dog Association just two days before – located the woman with his aptly-named dog A’ Ghlas Beinn (Glash).

After a warming cup of tea the team escorted the woman off the hill and were met by more team members to help in the river crossing. The team were stood down at 9.30am.