Barra play first to mark war centenary

The first of a number of local dramatisations to commemorate the centenary of the First World War was held last week in Barra.

Written by Margaret MacNeill, the actors took to the stage to perform “Cutadh is Cogadh” which reflected life on the island in the build-up to the Great War. It was directed by Cathy Ann MacPhee.

The two-night performance also drew on the story of an explosion in Halifax harbour in Canada when two ships collided, one of which was carrying explosives. It was the biggest man-made explosion prior to nuclear weapons and killed 2,000 people and severely injured 9,000, five of whom were originally from Barra.

Another four plays in four different locations will be held throughout the Western Isles, with the next being in Sir E Scott School in Harris tomorrow (Friday).

The project is being run by the Gaelic arts agency Proiseact nan Eilean in conjunction with the National Theatre of Scotland.

Other performances will be in Point School in Lewis (27th and 28th March), Carinish Hall in North Uist (29th March) and An Lanntair in Stornoway (27th June).