Ladies’ competition marks another milestone for Harris Gun Club

The first-ever ladies’ competition run by Harris Gun Club took place last Saturday, in what is yet another milestone for the rapidly-expanding club.
After being crowned 2013 sports club of the year in Lewis and Harris, and seeing a significant increase in membership, the club are looking to run a series of new events from their shooting range at Aline Forest.

The ladies’ competition had been due initially to go ahead in December, but was cancelled due to adverse weather.

But Saturday saw the event finally going ahead, with the ladies competing in three different disciplines — Down-the-Line, Double Rise and Automatic Ball Trap. They competed for a new trophy kindly donated to Harris Gun Club by the local retailer of sporting goods and accessories, Engebrets Ltd.
Fiona Knape, the competition winner, was a clear favourite from the beginning and took pole position from the first discipline before going on to score a hat-trick.

The runner-up positions were keenly contested with only a few points between the competitors. In the end, second place went to Mairi MacKenzie and third place to Emma Hendry.

Club secretary Colin Knape said: “Harris Gun Club would like to thank all who participated in this historic moment, especially the Western Isles RFD, Engebret Ltd — who donated the shield and trophy — and to Mairi for the home baking.”